Jayden & Clrys Update

Just thought we should give you guys an update on what we have been up too.
Braydie and Faith left us on the 17th and since then we have been very busy. We are currently in the process of...
1. Registering our friends school of 180 children.
2. Building a chicken coop for our friends school.

Our hope with this is to feed all the children the eggs and then as the chickens grow sell them, so they can buy posho (flour and water cooked) and beans. Also plant fruit trees on the land. Our friends that have this school are a married couple. The husband is a pastor and they have  11 children (5 of their own and 6 adopted). I have know this lady since 2014. She makes her money by making and selling necklaces.
3. Trying to help another friend grow potatoes.

We would appreciate your prayers and we travel back and forth on public transport to the villages. Also we need to purchase the land for the chicken coop, so we need it to work out fast and smoothly. Thank you!

We will try to keep you updated on our plans!

Lots of love Jayden and Clrys! 😘

Extra note: the land is 4million Shillings equal to $1500 Australian. Jayden and I have the money to use for the land.
The thing we ask for is prayer for it. Getting land here is complicated. We need to get the real owner to sign it over. (Which shouldn’t be too hard we hope because we were told it’s for sale). We just need it to move quickly so we can begin the building of the coop. As we have 51 days left. :)