Oct 6- To The 20th Century & Beyond- Ben Arnol

Sept 29 - Where Does The Dough Go?- Pastor Scott Camac

Sept 22- Stages of Faith- Pastor Scott Camac

Sept 15- Giving Part One- Pastor Scott Camac

SEPT 8- Boot Camp Debates- Various

Sept 8- Pax Britannica- Ben Arnol

Sept 2- Invest- Pastor Scott Camac

August 25- How Romantic- Ben Arnol

AUGUST 18- Logic Boot Camp Week 6- Benjamin Arnol

August 18- Stir- Pastor Scott Camac

August 11- Absolutely Enlightened- Ben Arnol

AUGUST 4- Logic Boot Camp Week 5- Benjamin Arnol

August 4-Hug- Pastor Scott Camac

July 28- Count the Cost-Jake Camac

JULY 21- Boot Camp For the Mind- Session 4- Ben Arnol

July 21- Steward Heart 2. Relinquish. Pastor Scott Camac

July 14- Renaissance & Reformation- Ben Arnol

JULY 7 Boot Camp For the Mind- Session 3- Ben Arnol

July 7- Steward Heart- Pastor Scott Camac

June 30- Getting Hitched- Pastor Scott Camac

JUNE 23- Boot Camp For the Mind- Session 2- Ben Arnol

June 23- What Question Has Jesus Asked You?- Pastor John Finkelde

June 16- The Jacobian Heresy (Good News Pt. 3)- Jacob Camac

JUNE 9- Boot Camp For the Mind- Session 1- Ben Arnol

June 9- The Joloshian Heresy (GoodNews Pt.2)- Josh West

June 2- The Scottalonian Heresy(Good News Pt1)- Pastor Scott Camac

May 26- ‘The Medi-evil church?’- Ben Arnol

May 19- Allegiance- Pastor Scott Camac

May 12- 5 Things I know-The Nature of Faith- Jake Camac

May 5-Short History of World-Roman Empire-Ben Arnol

April 28- Temple Too- Scott Camac

April 21- Mindsets- Josh West

April 14- Substitute and Sacrifice- Scott Camac

April 7- In The Beginning- Ben Arnol

March 31- Lamentation That Builds Faith- Bri Richards

March 24- Jesus-Temple- Scott Camac

March 17- POG the Pig- Jacob Camac

March 10- Rescued People- Pastor Scott Camac

March 3- Sing Your New Song- Pastor Brad Otto

Feb 24- Being a Missionary to the West- Ben Arnol

Feb 17- Jesus, GodMan- Scott Camac

Feb 10-Learn, Look Up, Be Ready!

Feb 3- Good and Faithful- Scott Camac

Jan 27- Iron Sharpening Iron- Jacob Camac

Jan 20- Jesus Rabbi Me Apprentice- Scott Camac

Jan 13- Rabbi Plus- Josh West

Jan 6- Flourish or Shrivel in 2019- Scott Camac

December 30 2018- Pilgrimage- Ben Arnol

December 23 2018- Jesus’ ID- KING- Pastor Scott Camac

December 16 2018- Hafta to Wanna Part 3. Scott Camac

December 9 2018- Spiritual Warfare. Jacob Camac

December 2 2018- The Journey From Hafta to Wanna pt 2. Scott Camac

November 25 2018- Scripture Prayers- Briony Richards

November 18 2018- Journey From Hafta to Wanna- Pastor Scott Camac

November 16 2018- Omri Jacobovich- Hosting Israeli Travelers

November 11 2018- Vulnerable or Resilient?- Pastor Scott Camac

November 4 2018-Logos- Ben Arnol

October 28 2018- Hearing Him- Sally Tibbits & Rebecca Nichols

October 20 2018- Run The Gauntlet- Pastor Scott Camac

October 14 2018- Be His- Pastor Adam Handley

October 7 2018- Pay Say Pray- Holy Citizenship- Pastor Scott Camac

September 23 2018- Feast of Tents- Pastor Scott Camac

September 16 2018-Faith Eyes- Bri Richards

September 9 2018- Prophetic Workshop- Rob Baker

September 9 2018-Romans 12. The Parable of the Russian Pro Basketballer- Scott Camac

September 2 2018- Father's Day Forum- Various Contributors

August 26 2018- Die to Self- Jake Camac

August 12 2018- DIESEL-F- Scott Waterhouse

August 5 2018- Food For Jesus- Foundational to Rom 12:1-2

July 29 2018- Aspects of Prayer- Bek Nichols and Deb Hergatt TAG

July 22 2018- Israel? Romans 9-11- Scott Camac

July 15 2018- Back to Basics- Ben Arnol

July 8 2018-The Favour Filter-Romans 8:31-39- Scott Camac

July 1 2018- I AM pt2- Briony Richards

June 24 2018- Prodigal- Pastor Damien Heres

June 17 2018- Sabbath & Show-bread point to Jesus?- Scott Camac

June 3 2018- How & Why to Give Way to the Holy Spirit (Romans)- Scott Camac

May 27 2018- Are You Thirsty?- Jake Camac

May 20 2018- Pentecost-God in us- Scott Camac

May 13 2018- Inheritance- Scott Camac

April 6 2018- Justice- Ben Arnol

April 29 2018- Relationship with God - Jake Camac

April 22 2018- The SEX Talk- Scott Camac

April 15 2018- Faith -2 Perspectives- TAG team ~Sally Tibbits & Andrea Camac

April 8 2018- Sow What?-Scott Camac

April 1 2018- Why is the Resurrection so important to our salvation?-Scott Camac

March 25 2018- Purposefully Thankful- Briony Richards

March 18 2018-Reproduction-Gifts part 2-Scott Camac

March 11 2018- Jesus is the focus- Pastor Kim Otto

March 4 2018- Where do I fit?- Deb Hergatt

February 25 2018- Reproduction- Gifts- Scott Camac

February 18 2018- Entering His Rest-Scott Camac

February 11 2018- Unstoppable: The Victorious Position of the Christian Church- Nick Flight

February 4 2018- Surprised By Power- Scott Camac

January 28 2018- Child Dedications- Scott Camac

January 21 2018- Visible Faith- Jacob Camac

January 14 2018- Surprised by God. part two- Scott Camac

January 7 2018- Surprised by God. part one- Scott Camac

December 31 2017- This is NOT God's first rodeo- Vikki Arnol

December 24 2017- The Core Concept of Christmas- Scott Camac

December 17 2017- Trust- What do we mean?- Briony Richards

December 10 2017- Being Rescued is a Process- Scott Camac

December 3 2017- Your Problem is not YOUR problem.-Ben Arnol

November 26 2017- TAG team preaching. FAITH. Steve Arnol & Sophie Camac

November 19 2017- Jesus wants to wash your feet- Scott Camac

November 5 2017- Sick, Saved, Serve!- Ps Jeff Weston

October 29 2017- Walking in Faith- Jake Camac

October 21 2017- The lame guy who got to sit at the king's table- Scott Camac

October 15 2017- 3 laws- Governing Principles in this life- Scott Camac

October 8 2017- Hush- The discipline of Silence- Scott Camac

October 1 2017- Faith- Knowing our Identity and Destiny only from Him

September 24 2017- Faith- The Trust Game- Scott Camac

September 17 2017- Faith- The ability to Reshape Reality

September 10 2017- Romans 8 Begins- Ps Scott Camac

August 27 2017- Pray- Trellised Living. PS Scott Camac

August 6 2017- Short Circuit- Being Redemption People in an increasingingly Anti-Christian Society

July 30 2017- Trusting God- Vikki Arnol

July 23 2017- Untangled- Trellised Living- Abstaining from Company. PS Scott Camac

July 16 2017- LAW- Its effect on humans and how Christians are dead to it- PS Scott Camac

July 9 2017- I AM - The Name that has the Power to Transform our Identity-BRIONY Richards

June 25 2017-Trellised Living Series- Community- Velcro Living- PS Scott Camac

June 18 2017- Romans 6. SIN from the view of our changed allegiance- PS Scott Camac

June 4 2017- Trellised Living Series- FeASTING ABC's- Ps Scott Camac

Sunday May 28- TAG TEAM. Sonship~Adoption~Identity- Steve Arnol & Sophie Camac

Sunday May 14- Mother's Day. PS Scott Camac- Sacred Alchemist. Romans series

Sunday May 7- Ben Arnol- Acts Episode Two. (God's sovereignty over history) (Our lives written in the history books of heaven)

Sunday April 23- Ps Scott Camac- Radically Restored ( combining the Romans series and Trellised Living)

Sunday April 16- Ps Scott Camac (Resurrection Sunday)

Sunday April 2- Ps Scott Camac (Series Trellised Living)

Sunday 19th March- Ps Scott Camac

Sunday 26th February - Ps Scott Camac

Sunday 5th March- Ps Scott Camac