Who is Lifehouse?


Lifehouse is the generational offspring of the very first Pentecostal work in Tasmania. Eighty years ago a Methodist farmer on the North West Coast was filled with the Holy Spirit while he ploughed a field.
After three days of speaking in tongues, a visit from the family doctor, who was also a Christian, concluded that he was in his right mind and that God was doing something supernatural. Lifehouse is the latest face of this original
'God inspired' work.


Loving God is something that is only possible once we have experienced the Love of God. Experiencing the love of God increases our capacity to love others. Genuinely loving others requires us to be open to doing life in the midst of brokenness, including our own. We are all broken to some extent but it is the journey of restoration we seek to make together.  Our service on Sunday is the perfect opportunity to declare our love for God, relate with each other, and learn how to love and serve him more.

Because life in Christ is about relationship and not religion, we know that loving God goes far beyond Sunday mornings. Lifehouse seeks to Impact Our World during the week, globally and locally. As a community of believers we are committed to giving sacrificially to missions so that the gospel is supported throughout many regions. We understand that the Great Commission is about relating the good news of Jesus Christ as the Way, Truth and Life to people who have not heard. Just as the Great Commission is our mission, Serving the Marginalised in our community is our way of bringing the Kingdom of God into our community. Some of our financial contributions go towards projects that assist people in the practicalities of life, right here in our own community and abroad. We are committed to reaching our own community in unique ways that utilize our building and share the experiences of our people.

It is said,"No man is an island" and this is particularly true when it comes to living a fully engaged life of service toward God. At Lifehouse we seek to do life together in smaller units aside from Sunday morning. This is where we are more likely to be genuine with each other and so experience life on a deeper level. Forming Relationships happens in different ways. We have some deeply personal life groups called 'Nurture' and others that are more fellowship oriented called 'Connect'. These meet weekly or fortnightly, in homes, cafes or at the church building. All groups are based around the simplicity of opening the Word of God and prayer.

If we are to enlarge the Kingdom of God, we must facilitate growth in the principles of being a disciple of Jesus. We are in the process of developing or implementing courses that strengthen the believer to impact their world.

Start- a course for new Christians.

Grow- a Discipleship course.

Stand- an Apologetics course.

Lifehouse is about Empowering People. This is far more than simply equipping people. For the church to expand, ministry must be released! We are also working with Harvest Bible College to make Lifehouse the centre for a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry/Spiritual Formation on the North West Coast of Tasmania beginning in early 2017. Our purpose in all of this is to prepare people for the work of the ministry.