So you're new to Church?


Welcome! So you’re contemplating stepping into a church for perhaps the first time and you’re wondering if the roof might fall in? It won’t! At Lifehouse you will be welcomed, whatever choices you’ve made in life. And if you make Lifehouse your home, you will come to realise that we each have our struggles and limitations; It’s just that now we are on a journey with the One who loves us more than life itself - his name is Jesus.
So, whoever you are, wherever your journey has taken you - we’d love you to continue your journey of finding true purpose with the great mob at Lifehouse.

- Pastor Scott Camac


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Let us know below if you'd like us to organise a 'Meetup', where someone will meet you outside Lifehouse, give you a bit of a tour, get you a delicious coffee and sit with you during the service. We can also pick you up and/or take you home.

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